Customer Reviews

When you think about beverages and juices that boost immunity, the first thought that springs to your mind is “bitter taste”. And here it is ...... SpicySip. The sachet is rich in natural compounds that help ward of diseases and boost your immune system! The spices used in the sachet have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body . SpicySip keeps you fit and strengthens your overall immune system, the lesser chance of you falling ill. Keep flying the Spicysip Team.

- Sudekhina kanu

Every single person should drink this, it has a lot of health benefits and it’s a much-needed product for this time.

- Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Head of Marketing

It’s a very nice drink to have especially after an intensive work out.

- Mr. Bala, Owner, Bala body Jammers

It’s a very refreshing drink to have and easily prepayable especially for hikes and expeditions.

- Scout Master Besant Nagar

Refreshing drink in between surgeries and very easy to prepare.

- Blue cross of India veterinarian

Though I am primarily a coffee drinker, I ordered Peppery Dip because the ingredients were exciting and I'm now addicted to it .. The taste is phenomenal and definitely an immunity booster.. Great find of the season.

- Prakash KV, Promoter Pelican group

When I first savoured the drink I experienced the essence of our South Indian tradition mixed with health benefits since I savoured the drink when I was suffering from an infectious flu and this drink worked miracles by treating / curing my flu within a matter of hours after a good sleep. During these unprecedented pandemic ages , i strongly recommend all to avoid tea and coffee but to indulge with ‘Spicy Sip’ since this drink will improve our immune and contains only natural ingredients. My regards and wishes to the manufactures of ‘Spicy Sip’ and i am confident that this product will reach accolades not only in India but at global markets.

I stand as a testimony for this awesome astounding product called ‘Spicy Sip’.

- Arul Augustin Joseph
Director, Unicorn Maritimes ( India ) Pvt Ltd, Unicorn Group