Spicy Sip was born out of pure passion with a vision to bring out the traditional tastes of India in a cup.

A Chennai based startup brings to you the first and finest traditional flavours of India. Spicy Sip was born out of pure passion with a vision to bring out the traditional tastes of India in a cup. With every sip, we put you on a path to good health as they are carefully picked up spices from across India and have a plethora of benefits for the mind and body. Adding a tinge of fun to your drink with our exotic Indian flavours that will keep you craving for more. With our consumer-friendly packaging, it's time to sip into the perfect cup of flavours with our tear and pour sachets making it Hassle free & Flavourful.

Inception of Idea

In April 2020, during the COVID pandemic, people around the world turned towards natural remedies to seek prevention. Every remedy we come across is linked to a herb or spices, although spices from other countries bring an international flavour to our kitchen, it falls short in medicinal values. On the other hand, India has a surplus of spices that are rich in food nutrients and have medicinal values, hence we eventually compared spices from foreign countries with our Traditional Spices and found out that Indian Spices and Herbs have the ability to suppress many contagious infections.

We wanted to spread the word and so, Spicy Sip was founded to deliver this to you in the form of "Rasam". Because every South Indian home prepares "Rasam" and we thought it would be perfect to bring it in a healthy and flavourful drink. To give a modern twist to our traditional drink we intended to pack it in a sachet for consuming it on the go.

Prototype and Implementation

Spicy Sip prototype

In order to produce exotic flavours, we created and tested various formulas to enhance the original taste of the mixture. But the taste of the drink has been varied by many factors including the source of the resources, materials used for grinding, preparation and brewing methods.

After rigorous testing and analyzing, we finalized a superior formula and brewing method to produce the drink in different flavours without losing the nutrients and the freshness of the herbs and spices.

With consumers in mind, by employing our proprietary formula with the spices we attempted to produce paper-based sachets which are produced by our best in class experts. As a result, a better version with increased production quality has been accomplished.

Vision and Mission

The prime aim of our company is to create awareness about the traditions and cultures of Indian Foods and Spices by producing premium food substitutes all over the world. To continuously develop our services by enabling the consumers to embrace the natural resources in an accessible and a portable way. And to empower every person to follow an enhanced and healthy lifestyle to unlock the true values of life.

About Founders

Photo - R Navanita Krishnan

R Navanita Krishnan

Founder of Spicy Sip, a company that believes in healthy drinking with a traditional twist that can fuel an even greater purpose. An MBA graduate with an entrepreneurial mindset with an enthusiasm towards the food industry kickstarted his career in the field of Sales & Marketing and realized that his passion lies towards starting a business venture on his own compelling him to change careers. After months of deep research, he saw a business opportunity that would redefine the world of traditional brewing and adding a unique touch with the fusion of tradition and the vibrancy of modern India. He has always looked up towards his grandfather and father as a source of inspiration and has paved his way to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle. Spicy Sip was developed with an intention to add a dash of natural goodness to their favourite cup and help customers relish the taste of India across the globe.

Photo - Joshua Richard Thiagarajan

Joshua Richard Thiagarajan

Co-founder of Spicy Sip. A BBA student who always had an interest in business and a budding entrepreneur who also has a keen interest in the food industry. His young energy and passion for business is overwhelming.

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