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Spicy Sip - Peppery Sip

Spicy Sip - Peppery Sip

Peppery Sip, our favourite flavor, has a mild amount of pepper to create a warm feeling which soothes the throat. The pleasant aroma of the spices activates your senses and freshens up the mind. Also, the traditional ingredients in Peppery Sip, are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that support your immune system & wellness. By our compact packing, with every sip you can feel more energized on the go.

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Rich source of antioxidants

Antioxidants fight off oxidation caused by free radicals, which can damage your cells and contribute to heart diseases. Our rich blend of spices contains lots of antioxidants, which are beneficial to boost your immunity levels and keep you healthy.

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Lowers bad cholesterol & boosts good cholesterol

Spicy Sip contains nutrients rich heart-healthy compounds that may decrease inflammation, heartburn, and raise levels of good cholesterol. It may also reduce your blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels.

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Improves digestive system

Our finely packed dips reduce stomach contractions by relaxing the intestinal muscles and allowing digested food to pass more easily. It also provides relief from stomach pain and sluggish digestion.

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Relieves discomfort from bloating

Stomach bloating most commonly happens after eating foods that are hard to digest. Natural spices help to relieve bloating and improves body metabolism, clears the digestive system, and stimulates digestion.

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Helps balance blood sugar levels

Along with food, there are some spices that may help regulate blood sugar levels to promote insulin production. Our natural drink is loaded with antibiotic properties that benefit overall health and maintain stable sugar levels.

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Reduces the risk of diabetes

Our blend of spice consists of cinnamon, which has the ability to prevent the onset of diabetes. It also contains bioactive components that can help lower blood sugar levels and improves glucose tolerance.

Ingredients & Nutrition Information

Image - Pepper


Image - Channa Dal

Channa Dal

Image - Toor Dal

Toor Dal

Image - Dry Red Chilli

Dry Red Chilli

Image - Dhaniya


Image - Jeera


Image - Salt


Image - Turmeric


Image - Asafoetida


Image - Tamarind


No Preservatives No Additives No Colouring

S.No Parameter Unit Test Method Result
Quality Characteristics
1 Protein g/100g IS 7219:1973 RA. 2015 9.75
2 Carbohydrate g/100g MATS/SOP/CSF/SC-015 37.48
3 Energy kcal/100g MATS/SOP/CSF/SC-016 241.93
4 Calcium as CaO g/100g IS 1797:1985 RA 2013 0.68
5 Sugar as Sucrose g/100g FSSAI Lab Manual-4-2015 BLQ(LOQ:0.05)
6 Sodium as Na g/100g IS 9497:1980 RA 2010 21.72
7 Cholesterol g/100g MATS/SOP/CSI/F-041 BLQ(LOQ:0.05)
8 Vitamin A mg/100g MATS/SOP/CSI/F-042 BLQ(LOQ:0.02)
9 Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid g/100g MATS/SOP/CSI/F-041 BLQ(LOQ:0.05)
10 Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid g/100g MATS/SOP/CSI/F-041 BLQ(LOQ:0.05)
Metal contaminants
11 Iron mg/kg MATS/SOP/CSI/F-061 2.0

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